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Depositors’ run on LaSalle Street Trust and Savings Bank


Depositors’ run on William Lorimer’s LaSalle Street Trust and Savings Bank, which collapsed in 1914 because of insider abuse and fraud. (Courtesy, Chicago History Museum)

Senator William Lorimer


U.S. Senator William Lorimer of Illinois, a Chicago political boss who engaged in an elaborate bank fraud conspiracy with Charles Dawes in 1912. (Courtesy, Library of Congress)

Taft, Harding and Lincoln


Robert Todd Lincoln (right) at the dedication of his father’s memorial in 1922, along with Chief Justice and former President William Howard Taft (left) and President Warren Harding (center). (Courtesy, Library of Congress)

Senator Lawrence Sherman


U.S. Senator Lawrence Sherman of Illinois received a monthly retainer from Samuel Insull, who made the secret payments through Robert Todd Lincoln’s law firm. (Courtesy, Library of Congress)

Charles Dawes & Calvin Coolidge


Charles Dawes (right), the U.S. Vice-President under Calvin Coolidge (left), abused his position as president of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation and committed fraud to survive the Chicago banking panic of 1932. (Courtesy, Library of Congress)

Samuel Insull


Samuel Insull, the “emperor” of Chicago, controlled a utility empire with assets of $3 billion in depression-era dollars. (Courtesy, Loyola University Chicago Archives)